Here are a few projects i have been working on!!

Drivers-Mate Web Application

This was a Web application designed to minimise the amount of paperwork a driver needs to do whilst out on delivery. It allows transport a quick and easy way to see how the driver is getting on during the day and amend their work instantly!
Drivers-Mate Dashboard Drivers-Mate Vehicle Checks Page Drivers-Mate Drivers Work
Drivers-Mate Dashboard Drivers-Mate Drivers Work Drivers-Mate Drivers Work Drivers-Mate Drivers Work

Home Assistant

This project was to create a home-assistant that i could run on my Raspberry Pi 5 with a touch screen. I wanted it to show calendar events, access my home cctv and see who is connected to my wifi aswell as allow a guest to connect to my guest network easily. I also incorporated a todo/shopping list that emails my phone with any updates made to the shopping list whilst im at work and I created a reward chart for the kids. My biggest challenge was when i decided to add a home temperature and humidity sensor to show the current temperatre in the house. I accomplished this using a Raspberry Pi Pico W and a SHT31 temperature sensor. My aim in the near future is to program sensors on the access points to the property that can be controlled from here and possibly link it with other electrical appliances in the home!
Home-assistant-dash Home-assistant-calendar Home-assistant-cctv Home-assistant-wifi Home-assistant-todo Pico